Friday, May 6, 2011

Time for a New Web Site

So, you aren't sure if it's time for a new web site. Consider these important factors when deciding to redesign the web site.

1. Your web site is more than three years old.
If your web site is more than three years old or was launched back in the 1990s, it's time to redesign your web site. So much has changed in technology and design of web sites, it's time to take a look at redesigning your web site. You don't want your web site to be outdated.

2. Your web site does not attract new customers.
If you are not getting any new customers to visit your web site, it's time to redo the web site, incorporate the latest technology and rethink your marketing strategies including SEO.

3. Your web site does not look professional.
If you, a family member or friend designed the web site just to have a web prescence online, it is also a good idea to redesign your web site. Chances are your web site does not have that professional appeal to your customers. You need a web site that has a eye-catching and professional look that will keep your customers interested in visiting your web site.

If you are interested in redesigning your web site, contact J.C. Designs at: 262-574-9161 or visit our web site: We can help you redesign your web site and coordinate your marketing materials with the new web site.

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