Friday, August 13, 2010

Quality vs Price

As a former bride, I understand and can relate to the couples on a tight budget. Just a few years ago, I was one of those brides. Yes, my husband and I were on a budget, but we didn't sacrifice the quality of the things that were important to us - photo, video, the DJ and the reception hall. These were things that mattered to us and we were willing to splurge on while staying within our budget.

For brides wanting a wedding videographer, you should budget accordingly. A rule of thumb that I have often heard, is to budget the same amount for your videographer that you plan to spend on your photographer.

While this is a good rule to follow, it is not always the case. You can get a reasonably priced videographer without spending a fortune and breaking the bank. However, don't plan to get them for only a couple hundred dollars. Most times, you will get what you pay for. Good videographers charge fair prices and offer great video quality.

J.C. Designs offers both reasonable prices and exceptional video quality. Give us a call. You won't be disappointed!